My name is Dil Afroz Sayda.  I have loved cooking ever since I was little. I have a special interest in baking & desserts. I work as a culinary artist in several TV programs.

I’ve worked as a Culinary expert and recipe writer as well as in cooking reality shows and a oven and microwave workshop. I received “Gunijon Shonmanona”award as a culinary artist from Bangladesh Cultural Forum.

I’ve already made a facebook page and website called Sayda’s Kitchen where I organize my recipes through albums.

I want to establish a cooking institute in the future. I want to preserve my recipes for the future generation. I intend on doing that by making a youtube channel and publishing a book. I sincerely hope people can benefit from my recipes.

Currently I’m doing a Diploma in Culinary Art & Catering Management at Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (NHTTI). I completed M.Sc. in Related Art under Dhaka University.

I did Food Hygiene & Sanitation course from NHTTI. I also completed Cake Decoration course from New York Cake Academy and passed Food & Beverage Production (Cooking) and Food Processing & Preservation under BTED.

Semai pitha


  1. Rice powder—-half cup
  2. Condensed milk —half can
  3. Milk —– 1 liter
  4. Cardamom —3/4 pc

Method: Keep the rice in water for 2/3 hours and then turn it into powder. Keep some of the rice powder separately. Turn the rest of the powder into dough with the help of hot water.   

Make semai pitha with this dough and leave it out to dry.  

Mix condensed milk and cardamom with milk. Put the mixture in the stove and stir continuously. After seeing bubbles form, add semai pitha and boil them.  After boiling the pithas properly, serve them.


Chal biruni


  1. Rice —–1 kg
  2. Mustard oil— 1.5 cup
  3. Chopped onion—-1 cup
  4. Carrot & green beans—1 cup
  5. Chopped ginger –3 table spoon
  6. Chopped garlic —-2 tea spoon
  7. Cumin powder —-1 tea spoon
  8. Turmeric powder —Half tea spoon
  9. Green Chili —–8/10 pc
  10. Salt —-As required
  11. Cinnamon, cardamom, clove—-to taste


Wash the rice and keep the water for a while. Vegetables should be cut in cubes and boiled.

Heat mustard oil and fry the onions. Add ginger, garlic, turmeric, cumin and hot spices.

Add the rice and fry them. Hot water and salt must be added. After boiling, the heat must be lowered.

After the rice has been boiled, the vegetables and green chilli must be added and the lid of the pan must be closed. Serve it with desired decoration.










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