It all started by coloring the senses & feelings of oneself and gradually it spread & reached to the works which lead to fill up the mind & made happy all the well-wishers to the full content. The games of colorizing started just all on a sudden one day & an era has passed within which feels like just moments. The start was not destined before to a certain milestone & perhaps all of it became just a picture by the hand of the artist as because there was absence of any woman. The story seems so pleasing. The hardworking boy who in fact has become a man today & also handsome (perhaps his friends know whether he is a charm for the woman or not) thinks that he has finally gathered every color of his mind. The draft paper was also ready with his arts. The color was mixed ready in the easel, canvas was framed, everyone was determined and the color was just ready to be splashed in the canvas.

Dear readers, we’re talking so much about colors & everything about colorizing, colors are everywhere, each of these colorful words & within time, it has become Bishwo Rang. By this time, you must have guessed who we are talking about today. Yes, we are talking about Biplob Saha & his worn dream named Bishwo Rang, the Bishwo Rang from Narayanganj. Even some years ago, Biplob was requested by his well-wishers around to open an outlet of his Bishwo Rang in Dhaka as it was not possible for us to go there though some people even went there from here. Now, there are many outlets of Bishwo Rang in Dhaka. So, these people who flew from Dhaka to Narayanganj only for Bishwo Rang still miss the mouth-watering Kacha Golla (sweet item); along with the famous Fish Cutlet & tea of Bose Cabin.

We’ve talked a lot, now let’s have some more chitchats about this. The year was 1994, a boy just had passed HSC examination but still he didn’t start moving towards Dhaka. He usually doesn’t come to Dhaka without any urgent reason. This introvert boy had a very good hand of drawing & painting. He dreamt to be a big artist with a mind full of hopes & eyes full of dreams. He comes to Dhaka, sits for an exam, passes it and starts his own little life with new struggles. He was always very enthusiastic for doing something new & innovative. One of these innovations started by working of designing the weddings & Holud ceremonies and as he was an artist, he found these things very easy & comfortable.

He was catalyzed by the shops of the wedding accessories in the Elephant Road where the shopkeepers kept the accessories so beautifully which drew the attention of this artistic boy with some new innovative dreams within himself. Though he was very much confused how he was going to start it up but he always knew that if there is a will, there is a way. This extreme desire of his doing something new gave birth to this Bishwo Rang we are seeing today.

It was not possible to take and handle a single shop in the year of 1994. He managed someone to share a shop together & then he let his friend his Mamun know about this dream of doing something innovative of him. His friend supported & the youth in him made him more curious of their togetherness. Within this, they got another company & also started searching for shop. You can’t even imagine the past condition of Shantona Market of Chashara, Narayanganj by gazing its condition today. They dared & went to the owner of the market to talk about taking a shop one day. They asked if they were allowed to take any shop without any advance & they got a green signal. They got a shop of 100 sq. ft. which was beside a toilet. But as they were not able to buy any furniture, they bought two mats & started working. The clients came inside opening their shoes off their leg & the items were placed before them at the floor over a polythene. They got an abandoned frame of the owner of the market, kept it & worked with it. The team of the four started working on Biplob’s dream with the money of their savings or borrowings from relatives.

The success didn’t come overnight but the name spread out verbally & they started getting works of weddings. They shared their duties within themselves. They used to buy accessories by the profits & earnings of their previous works. But the thing which was being deposited as the most beloved earning was the love of the people. They started bringing ceramic accessories from the meantime teacher of Fine Arts, Mr. Moron Chand Paal & used to sell those in the purchased price. New accessories & products were bought from the profits they got. This went on & as people also got to know about the ceramic accessories, the demand of it kept increasing. Still they didn’t start trading with clothing items. That took some more time to come.

Let’s get to know about how the naming was done. In Narayanganj, Dhaka, there was an artistic organization named “Charu Rong”. When they took the shop in Shantona Market, Biplob chose to name his shop as “Rong” inspiring from the name “Charu Rong”. The shop of the market was expanded to 200 sq. ft. from 100 sq. ft. The demand of shops in the market was increasing proportionally to the success & acquaintance of Rong. & thus, from Narayanganj, Rong has spread its wings to come to Twin Tower Concord Dhaka, Sunrise Plaza Banani etc. places by increasing its stream of development.

At the time of Eid, they didn’t have enough resources & funding to buy clothes & work with them. Then, the familiar faces used to donate resources for them. The most interesting part is Rong got into making clothes so much and it brought its primary success in its Panjabi. But, Biplob didn’t


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