Fashion house Gentle Park is gearing up for Pohela Boishak with the difference in pattern, brightness in colour, aestheticism in motifs and variaons in print. Bangaliana tradition has been prioritized in designing dress and printing. Besides, the ready to wear brand Gentle Park has brought up family dress for all members of the family  in same design. The parents and the kids will wear same designed dress—it’s motive of Gentle Park to make the Baishakh more colorful for all family.

Shahadat Babu, the chief designer and creative head of Gentle Park said, “Western pattern has been used to design the Baishakhi dress this time around but we didn’t compromise with the Bangali tradition.”

Floral motif, digital print and machine embroidery has been used in new dress of Gentle Park, Babu informed.

Clear masculine and tailored look is obvious in the casual male dress of Baishakh.

Those who will buy the dress through Bkash or Bank card will get some discount. Apart from this, you can buy their dress through online at your home for more information:


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