Herfy crowned ‘premium burger chain’!

Herfy is reigning as one of the most popular international restaurant brands in Dhaka because of its top notch food quality and unparalleled service. A huge portion of the credit goes to Mir Niaz Morshed, Asst. Head of Operations. The owners are the investors but he is the one who set it up from scratch.

It has been 6 months since Herfy is ruling the burger chain market. The reason is pretty simple. It is way more premium than all the other burger places. They are fully equipped with USMA machines. Let’s talk about their tech first.

In their kitchen, they use machines from Frymaster, a premium international brand.  Their shakes and ice-creams are so astounding to taste because they are made from American-Taylor machine. It creates genuine thick milk shake that you see around the world.

All of their products are under the system of MRD – Made Radiant Discard. The burger patties are also cooked in Nieco, another premium American machine. They have one of a kind Fry master Oil Filtration machine. It is fully automated.

Even their toasters, pressure fryer, every single equipment is foreign. They use Henny Penny’s Pressure Fryer. It makes the meat stiff and juicy, making it more healthy. All of these are US FDA approved.

Moreover, there are electric grillers for backup as well. Nothing is done by hand in Herfy. There is also marinator for marinating. They have advanced vacuum tumbler, freezer, walking chiller etc. Frozen patties, chicken, fries, everything is neatly organized in the chiller and freezer. The products are all EODed.

The meat they use comes from Saudi, Asia’s biggest mean manufacturer. The tomatoes come from Dubai. Onions are from Turkey. There are chicken breasts that come from Brazil as well. Some are from our country’s Ag Food too!

All the ingredients used for their dishes are imported from abroad.

Now, naming a milestone, Herfy serves broasted chicken. It is a brand. They are the first and only to serve it. Broasting means to cook a chicken using a pressure fryer. You won’t even find pressure fryer in other restaurants.

They have dishes ranging from 200 taka to 1500 taka. They use premium quality rice product.

Their Angus Burger is one of the town talks. It costs 599 taka. It is a premium steak meat burger. You won’t find such an exquisite burger anywhere else. Big Herfy is another famous burger of Herfy. It is 339 taka. Then, there is another popular and mouthwatering burger, Super Herfy! It is 389 taka. Super Angus also mesmerizes the taste bud. It is 699 taka. Let’s not forget Double Herfy and Turkish Burger, cost 519 taka and 429 taka respectively. The patty of Big Herfy is quarter pound. Angus Burger has a 5.3 ounce premium steak. So, you can understand how thick and heavy the patties are. These are imported from premium meat factory of abroad.

Do try these if you have not yet. These are highly recommended. They also serve the best garlic mayo! Moreover, their delicious curly fries have made the customers crazy. They cannot get enough of it. The regular curly fries is 129 taka and the large ones are 159 taka.

Herfy’s Virgin Lychee Mojito for 199 taka is excellent. No wonder it is their signature drink. It is highly refreshing.

For kids, there are kids meal with gift toys that are sourced by Herfy as well from China. The meals include chicken burger, beef burger, drumstick, nugget etc.

Another amazing thing is, they have their very own 10-12 kinds of sacred sauce. These enhance the taste so tremendously. You will be served the sauce for free.

The service is extremely good! They serve within 3-4 minutes of the order placement.

They are very strict with hygiene maintenance. Every staff wears headgear, gloves etc. Cleanliness, neatness and proper sanitation – these are highly focused on as it is truly a premium place.

The places is always buzzing with customers. They serve around 1100-1400 customers daily. They are opening an outlet in Dhanmondi soon. Right now, they have two outlets – one in Gulshand and another one in Banani. It is a great place for any kind of event. They can accommodate 150-200 people. From time to time, they offer many discounts as well.

For the nightcrawlers, Herfy stays open at late night too. They also provide home delivery service till 2 am but stays open even longer.

Herfy stands for social works too, another thing to be proud of. They provide their delicious food for free to orphanages.

Greenland group has brought Herfy in Bangladesh. They plan to open 10 outlets in the next 5 years. They have brought setup equipments of 4 outlets already. They will open two more outlets this year!


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The outlets are open till 3 AM on Thursday and Friday nights!

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