The country’s most prominent fashion house Kay Kraft has created local dresses for this year’s festival of Crafts, for the popularity of people’s art.

Launched in 1993, Kay Kraft began its journey as a wholesaler and retailer of fashion wear, fashion accessories, home textiles, handicraft, and hand-loom based products of Bangladesh. After long time in operation, Kay Kraft has achieved significant prominence in the fashion arena of Bangladesh.

Pahela Baishakh is one time of the year when commercial establishments launch new collections and special offers, and Kay Kraft is certainly not lagging behind in this race. Kay Kraft’s Baishakh collection this year consists of panjabi (long, semi-long, and short), salwar kameez, sari, women’s tops, including ‘fatua,’ fusion Kurti, tops with coti, two part Kurti, Long Kurti, regular kurti, Tops, tops- Scart , and kids’ wear. For all the product categories, materials used were mostly indigenous fabric, such as cotton, silk, Dupioni, and muslin, woven through the means of hand-loom, power loom and semi-power loom.

The dominant colours of this collection are the traditional crimson, ivory-white, beige, magenta, and violet. Kay Kraft includes a splash of mustard-yellow, cobalt-blue and parrot-green to add the necessary distinction to its offered clothing. Designs and cuts are mostly traditional, providing a much needed relief from the over-used asymmetrical cuts and long Pakistani attires.

Nasir Ahmed, General Manager at Kay Kraft said that in an attempt to highlight the Bangladeshi cultural heritage, an extensive use of folk motifs was made in all the products.

Kay kraft also used ethnic motif, Nakshi Kantha, Gujarat, Ikkat, Kashmiri stitch Motif on their Baishakhi collection.

Comfortable, timely and festive, you will be able to find out your perfect wardrobe at all Kay Kraft outlets’ on the occasion of Baishakhi festival.


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