Mélange is an exclusive multi-cuisine restaurant which brings a unique experience for all types of customers. It’s an experience which you will need to come and feel.

Producing an authentic taste and flavor, they will serve you Continental, Italian Food, Kebab, Salads, Seafood, Thai and more.

The interior design of the restaurant will make you awestruck once you will enter into it. It has been done with utmost care. The black wooden door wall covered with decorated black wooden, bright lighting with hanging gorgeous light, lanterns and large windows create a refreshing aroma.

It started its journey at Banani Road No 24, House number 7/k. Three friends- Tanvir Azad Sajal, Nafees Reza and Zafar Iqbal took the initiative of opening the restaurant in 2011, with an aim to serve a quality and fresh food for the foodies.

It remains open Monday to Sunday from 12:30 -23:30. It could accommodate 170 guests at the same time.

To the delight of the customers, the restaurant is offering free wifi and a unique atmosphere. They give you the facility of organizing small party like birthday, Gaye Holud ceremony, friend circle get together programme. They arrange those programmes in a small hall room which could contain 35-40 people simultaneously. One can book this hall room with affordable price, Tk. 20000-25000.

The ambiance of the restaurant is of the utmost importance for a great dining experience. It ensures that the guests have a unique setting in which they can enjoy their meals.
One of the things that gives Mélange its distinctive dining philosophy is:
“It’s not how much, but how well.”

Four expert chefs are here to prepare a yummy food for you. They are highly trained from different countries, so there is a guarantee of outstanding taste. 25 waiters look after the customer.

No matter how good a restaurant is, it has to change with time; guests will want to have an anchor. They want to feel comfortable where they are. These are the things which Mélange has kept in mind while setting it up.

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to discover, so please come and discover Mélange. We can assure you will not regret,” said Nafees Reza, one of the owners of the restaurant.
“Mélange, meaning mixture or blend, yes, indeed, this is a blend of exotic food, quality service and unique atmosphere,” he added.

Cuisine: Afghani, Asian Fusion, Back to My Photos, Burgers, Chinese, French, Indian/Pakistani, Italian, Sandwiches, Seafood and Thai

Payment Methods: Visa, American Express, Mastercard and Cash

Culinary Team: Thai & Chinese Team
Indian Team
Continental Team
Pantry Team and Coffee Team

A quick look at the food’s price range:

Appetizer price range is Tk. 345-895, Salads Tk. 445-595, Soup at Tk. 245-295. Grilled Tk. 395-1495, Steak Tk. 895-945, Sea Food Tk. 450-1295, Rice Tk- 395-595, Noodles Tk. 395-445, Curry Tk. 395-595,  Vegetable Tk. 395-445, Specials Tk. 225-445, Sizzlers Tk. 495-545, Beverages Tk. 80-95, Hot Beverages Tk. 95-175, Ounches Tk. 175-225, Shakes Tk. 175, Fresh Seasonal Juice Tk. 175-195, Smoothies Tk. 175, Soft Drinks Tk. 70-250.





Our Address:

Road No 24, House number 7/k,Banani