If you are looking for a place to find every item your tummy desires to eat, then Weston in Culvert Road would be the best choice! For the month of Ramadan, they are offering an amazing Ramadan Special Iftar Package @499/+. It has mineral water (small), lemon juice, date, apple, malta, beguni, chola, chicken shashlik, fried wonthon, spring roll, butter naan, tandoori chicken, vegetable pakora, cucumber, carrot slice, jilapi and parched rice.

Throughout the whole month of Ramadan, only their Ramadan Iftar Package and order menu will be available.

Starting with their Bangla items menu, there cannot be any item they left to serve – white rice, khichuri, various bhortas, mixed vegetables, dal bhuna, dal, murighonto, pui shak, corolla bhaji, kaski, batashi, mola, rui mach bhaja, chitol peti, chitol kofta, pabda, golda chingri dopiyaja, elish bhaja, shorisha elish, rupchanda masala, rupchanda bhaja, chicken jhal fry, kala bhuna, beef bhuna, mutton curry etc. These are all between 30 taka to 460 taka. Their bangla dishes have the authentic local flavor that makes it truly mesmerizing for all.

Now, the best thing about them is that in every cuisine they offer, they largely have every possible popular dish there could be. For instance, just like the Bangla items menu, in their Indian section, there are nans – plain, butter, garlic (55, 65 and 75 taka), chicken kebab – tandoori chicken 4 pcs for 700 taka and 2 pcs 350 taka, murgh malai kebab for 390 taka, chicken hariali kebab for 420 taka, beef kebab – beef boti kebab for 380 taka, vegetable and dal – vegetable dopiaja for 180 taka, dal mizaz for 190 taka, biriyani – chicken mughal biriyani (pakistani) for 360 taka, hydrabad biriyani for 460 taka, salad – green salad for 160 taka, chicken curry – karai chicken for 400 taka, beef curry – beef achari for 520 taka, mutton curry – mutton bhuna for 500 taka and duck curry – duck jhal curry for 430 taka. These items are so deliciously cooked that these are enough to make you a regular over there.

Regardless to mention, it is the same with their Thai-Chinese menu too. For appetizers, there are thai cosmos, spring roll, wonthon, fish finger and prawn ball for 290 taka to 390 taka. Moreover, there are several soup items. Tom Yum, Thai Thick/Clear, Weston Special King Prawn Hotpot etc. These mouthwatering soups cost 410 taka to 990 taka.

Their various kinds of rice and noodle are very popular for their amazing taste. Those range from 120 taka to 450 taka.

Furthermore, among the chicken items, chicken sizzling, chicken basil leaf, chicken chili onion and szechuan chicken (gravy) dominate! These are 450 taka, 390 taka, 385 taka, 425 taka consecutively. Same dishes with prawn don’t lag behind in the dominance! The prawn sizzling is 510 taka, prawn basil leaf is 510 taka, prawn chili onion is 450 taka and sweet & sour prawn is 500 taka.

On the other hand, in the seafood menu, there are steamed whole red snapper with pickle sauce, deep fried whole red snapper/ chilli paste/ masala, deep fried pomfret/ hot sauce/ masala, lobsters with chili paste/masala, king prawn with chili paste/hot sauce/ masala (3 pcs) and fish with garlic and ginger/ garlic pepper for 450 taka to 2250 taka.

For the buffet lovers, in their lunch buffet, there is fried wonthon, spring roll, chicken corn soup, clear vegetable soup, luchi, plain rice, khichuri, fried rice, sea fish curry, rui fish curry, thai fried chicken, chicken jhal fry, chicken chili onion, tandoori chicken, chinese vegetable, mixed vegetable, plain dal, dessert etc.

In the beverage section of their menu, you will find all the names of soft drinks, hot/cold coffee, lassi, shake, smoothies, clear drinks, mocktails and fresh juices. They also have a large variety of desserts to fill your tummy with pleasure!

Nonetheless, besides the month of Ramadan, the rest of the year, they serve amazing buffet lunch from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm only for 349 taka, besides Friday and Saturday making it a great place for wedding ceremonies, reception, birthday parties, corporate parties etc. So, they must have a mouthwatering menu to order from as well, mustn’t they? Indeed.

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