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In a simple word a Restaurant is a place from where we can buy any food or drinks and which a most popular name is in recent time. Basically a restaurant prepares and serves different types of foods and drinks in return of fixed amount of money. Different restaurants are provides different facilities. Some also provide the take out and home delivery services. Generally the fast food items are the main products of any restaurants. Many Restaurants are like to receive the bills for ordered meals before they served and most are accept payments after meal.

Actually its depends on the rules of the restaurants. Restaurants provide their services by following the local tradition and culture of the community. Different restaurants are specialized in different types of food. In recent times, many of the places some travelling restaurants are providing the restaurant facility which is specifically designed for the tourists.

Visitors to Bangladesh are spoiled for choice when it comes to eating out. Many restaurants offer traditional Bangladeshi fare, typified by the use of fish and lentils, while others offer such diverse international cuisines as Japanese, French and Thai. From high-end restaurants to cozy cafes, arty bistros to quirky eateries, food lovers holidaying in Bangladesh will be delighted by its varied and vibrant restaurant scene.

Bangladeshi people are foody and youth also like to hang out at restaurant .

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